Product Evaluation: Everlast Nevatear Heavy Bag

The Everlast Nevatear Heavy Bag supplies an excellent combo of toughness and cost. I have owned the Nevatear (Never-Tear) Heavy Bag for just over a year and it has actually come to be a reliable item of equipment and a necessity in my each day training routine. I’ll inform you why I enjoy with this product, and why any person looking for an inexpensive heavy bag need to consider this bag for their training.

Undoubtedly, the Nevatear is one of the reduced end heavy bags that Everlast creates, yet it is a top quality item nevertheless. It is common for any type of bag that is not made of real leather to be thought about a reduced end model. Everlast does have some higher priced models of authentic top quality leather that are priced between $200 – $500. As I specified, the Nevatear is valued reduced, but it is best for both the novice and the passionate trainer.

One of the advantages regarding the Nevetear bag is that it can be found in an assortment of colours and sizes. The bag comes in a 50 pounds. dimension which determines at 36″ in length and is the best sized for a kid or smaller sized boxer. The bag additionally is available in a 70 lbs. size, which is the one I have, which is 42″ in length and an ONE HUNDRED lbs. bag that is 48″ in length. All 3 dimensions have the shade options of Black, Red or Royal Blue.

As I said, I have been utilizing this bag for over a year, and I am truly happy with it. The bag has continued to hold it’s form and kind despite hundreds of boxing workouts and thousands of Muay Thai kicks. I have previously listened to people whine regarding particular hefty bags due to the fact that gradually the filling appears to clear up additional to the bottom of the bag, and there is under on top. As a result all-time low becomes tougher and the top becomes softer or more providing. Things is I don’t know just how you in fact have a gym where gravity ceases to exist. It’s standard physics people!

This has somewhat accompanied my Everlast bag as well, yet just somewhat. The bag is actually packed with a lot of fill to decrease this from happening. Nevertheless, the bottom is still a little additional firm than the top, however I consider this an advantage. Due to the fact that the bag is more durable near the bottom it will certainly aid strengthen your shins if you consistantly utilize it for your Muay Thai kicks. With the top obtaining softer gradually, it will lower the influence on your hands and wrists, which will keep you healthy and balanced and training longer.

The bag comes outfitted with all the needed difficult ware to set up the bag for a ceiling mount. If you do not have the area or can not mount a ceiling install by chance, you may would like to take a look at either a wall install or a complimentary standing Heavy Bag Stand. Everlast also carries those products.

In fact, the only issue I had with the bag whatsoever in fact included the ceiling place swivel. After one actually effort out where I was doing a bunch of walking around the bag to work with my head and foot movement, I struck the bag, which had actually currently been swiveling and the bolt/nut that was attaching it to the ceiling part of the install came loose triggering the entire bag to fall to the ground. I add this to the truth that I don’t assume I had tightened up the nut/bolt as touch as I was expect to during the setup. The component that is inconveinent is that I needed to take the time to uninstall the component that is affixed to the ceiling so I could reattach the whole positioning bracket appropriately. As a customer, if Everlast investigated and established a much more effecient installing brace that was included with the bag, it would certainly be a wonderful upgraded that would be valued. For future consumers, I suggest that you merely ensure you tighten up all the braces as tight as feasible to stay away from having to go via exactly what I had to.

The Nevatear bag by Everlast is valued in between $69.99 to $119.99 depening on exactly what dimension you obtain, and as I mentioned prior to it is available in 3 colors. If you are interested in acquiring one of the bags you could select the picture here to go to the Everlast web site.

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