Fishing Tackle Assessment: Daiwa cross-fire 3050x Spinning Reel

Getting an avid angler, I am consistently looking for brand new gear which will help me property those huge, hard-fighting seafood. Like a number of fishermen, We know the importance associated with maintaining the correct angling tackle available, ready intended for usage with a moment’s notice. Well, I’ve found out the spinning reel through Daiwa that could create a fantastic conjunction along with anyone’s tackle box. Carry on reading to find away some important information upon the Daiwa Crossfire 3050X spinning reel.

About the particular Daiwa Crossfire 3050X Rotating Fishing reel

For simply a budget priced angling reel, this Daiwa Cross-fire design has features you needed usually find in the more pricey fishing fishing reel. Do not be fooled by the £29. 99 sale cost: the Cross-fire 3050X will certainly deliver the strong, powerful turn price of 85cm, along along with a smooth and quick procedure. If you are usually seeking a fishing fishing reel that’s suitable to the selection of fishing designs and locations, the Cross-fire 3050X may be worth serious thing to consider, particularly if a individual fish in various types of locations and are usually looking for big sea food. One reviewer of this particular fishing reel exclaimed along with excitement, “the Crossfire collection reels provide an incredible level of performance for his or her price. ” The angling reel will set a person back just £29. 99

Top features of the particular particular 3050X Reel

1 of the things I have to say i appreciate may be the handy rear drag because well as the sturdy 5. 2: one equipment ratio. In such the inexpensive reel, you will certainly possibly not expect you will discover five ball bearings and also a quality roller having too. And so the particular 3050X has extremely easy winding. This fishing fishing reel will hold 170 metre distances associated with 12 lb test angling line plus weighs twelve. 2 oz .. If you include the particular benefits gained by the particular distort Buster feature, long lasting abdominal muscles spool and electronic equipment design, anglers may expect hassle-free performance through this reel. electronic equipment design enables a really accurate mesh between the particular blend drive gear plus the sea bronze pinion gear. the particular 3050 also features unlimited no- reverse as well because a reactive drag program along with a smooth grip knob. The metallic bale arm is box plated for corrosion level of resistance and the reel consists of a extra spool.

Regarding Twist Buster

Twist Buster is Daiwa’s exclusive program that significantly cuts straight down on line twist problem that’s common on the majority of rotating reels. The angling collection roller incorporates the special training collar developed so your line normally travels at a correct position to the tool pivot. The product stops twist even if the particular series tries to take a trip the revolves aslant. The particular line roller is especially tapered so the turning from the outer series is considerably reduced. External line, in addition, is the particular part of fishing series that’s located beyond specifically where it contacts the particular line tool.


ABS is certainly short just for “advanced ballistic system” plus is a form associated with spool design that provides a maximised spool primary diameter and also the turned taper. This indicates that 100% from the particular line on your fishing reel is certainly usable and that will anglers download their 3050X reels with confidence along with line right up toward the edge of the particular spool lips without panic about tangles.

I think the Daiwa cross-fire 3050X spinning reel is a great item of fishing tackle for that price.

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