Exhilaration Over Bj Penn’s 20 one Second Knockout Associated with he Hughes Way Overestimate

All of the buzz over BJ Penn’s twenty one second knockout is definitely method premature. Yes, this individual pulled out Matt Hughes within 21 seconds, and it also appeared impressive, but Hughes just isn’t even one of the particular top ten of welterweights anymore. What about all of us hold the excitement until Penn fights one associated with the best.

simply simply no disrespect to Matt Hughes. He’s an amazing jet fighter, corridor of famer plus has been one of the particular best MMA fighters really to step into the particular octagon. Keyword is “was”. Hughes is a couple of years past their excellent. He’s 37 years associated with age and the entire body just begins to act differently. In fact each superstar fighter we note that keeps fighting in in order to their late 30’s plus even forties ends upward losing a lot (Liddell, Couture, Shamrock). It’s not really these guys aren’t excellent, it could just your entire body cannot literally do the particular same things any longer. Hughes is definitely showing signs of slowing down. This individual is not the exact same jet fighter he has been five years back.

Hughes offers lost 3 of their last 6 fights (half). He has 7 loss total in a 12 year fight career. 1 / 2 of those losses have arrive within the last four years. So, in the particular first 8 years associated with battling, he had four losses, and his final 4 many years he’s got 4 loss… can a person see the pattern?

Many people are saying BJ Penn is definitely “back” and there’s plenty of exhilaration over your pet fighting within the welterweight division. I’m not actually saying he’s not back again again, I’m just stating it could too early in order to tell. I mean, ought to there really be therefore much exhilaration over the fighter that dropped their previous two battles plus then finally won the particular fight against an ageing, old fighter that’s method previous his prime? Need to Penn really get that will much credit score?

BJ Penn needs to combat the best before he or she can re-establish himself. Plus the best is not really He Hughes. The best is definitely Georges St Pierre. Nevertheless I think before they will also give Penn the shot with GSP, he or she should go with the particular ranks and fight Koscheck, Thiago Alves, Jake shields and Fitch (who he could be scheduled to fight inside Jan). These are the particular top ultimate fighter competition welterweights and he need to have to endure this checklist before he or she gets one more shot with GSP, specifically since GSP has currently defeated him two instances.

Once Penn goes by means of this particular list… or even at least starts defeating some of the men on this listing, after that we can say BJ Penn is back.

He is planned to fight Jon Fitch at UFC 127 within January. If this individual beats Fitch, who will be an amazing jet jet fighter (although, not the the majority of fascinating to watch), after that there exists a glance of hope for Penn re-establishing himself. If this individual loses to Fitch, we am not sure in case we will see the lot more of BJ Penn. just time will certainly tell.

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