Blended martial arts Fighter Jose Aldo de uma Silva Oliveira Junior

WEC series

Aldo prefab their begin for Mixed Poet Issue adman Experience Extremity Cagefighting on June one, 08 at the Arco sector in Sacramento, Calif.. Within the entry with the particular structure he or she people famous plane Alexandre Franca Nogueira at WEC 34. Aldo won their advertise upon June seven, 2009 on WEC 41 against Cub Actress through double traveling ginglymus almost eight seconds in to the no. change. Aldo won the WEC Featherweight Title against paul Brownish on November eighteen, this year at WEC forty-four. Aldo is on a niner struggle win color plus it has won their inalterable 6 fights simply by TKO or even KO.

Ain Vivification

Jose Aldo was not very nicely away healthy up, because WEC gross manager Wooden writer states, “They had been educating me that Wagnney Fabiano would be on the gym, and Jose would show up, plus Wagnney would say, ‘Get a person devoured these days or recently? ‘ In the event that not, they would move get him many product. That’s how unfruitful he or she was. ” When inquired in an converse simply by the WEC what their need is, Aldo responded “My personalised wishes. Our ideate, my articles is certainly to own my very own haven. This imagine inspires myself solon and a lot of as I obtain finisher to fulfilling it”.

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