BJJ Techniques

BJJ is short for Brazilian Jujitsu, and is one of the oldest and in most people’s opinion the best Jujitsu there is. BJJ techniques vary greatly as it has grown from small work on the ground to an ever growing style with a hundred or so different moves. BJJ is Brazilian Jujitsu but it is not limited simply to the Brazilian fighters. Everyone and anyone who is in the MMA field has taken some time to learn about BJJ techniques and just how they can use them to their benefit.

Some fighters even focus on BJJ techniques so often that they use them more than anything in their fights. Practicing BJJ is the only REAL way you can hone in your techniques and get them to a point where you can use them in a fight. You couldn’t very well jump in the ring after reading a couple things and expect to know the ins and outs of BJJ. It is a style that takes years of practice to perfect.

Although there is one fighter by the name of BJ Penn who stunned the world and got is black belt AND won a BJJ championship after only practicing for 3 years. Now this is unheard of as it takes everyone else 2 maybe even 3 times as long to accomplish what he did and most of them have never even won a championship. For all of this he has earned the name “The Prodigy” and with the way he carries on in BJJ he deserves every bit of that title.

Now I’m sure you’ve already seen a bit of BJJ when watching a fight. You see the fighters in different guards, open, closed, half etc. Where BJJ techniques really shine is in the more complicated moves like rubber guard. This takes a huge amount of flexibility and dexterity to accomplish, hence why you need to practice to get it just right. Rubber guard is actually a variation of the regular guard but with so much more open to the fighter from it.

Rubber guard consists of bringing your legs up closer to the shoulders of your opponent. Like I said you will need to work on your stretching to actually pull this off properly. From there most people will grab one of their feet to hold that position and wait to move further. Not only will this keep their opponent more or less pinned down but they are now ready to move for a submission.

One of the most common submissions is the triangle choke. This is when you wrap your legs around the neck of the opponent, from there you pull their head downward and just like an arm choke you will be cutting off blood circulation and their windpipe. The fighter will have no choice but to tap out, or pass out.

BJJ techniques go much further than simple ground moves and the submissions are basically endless. The next time you watch a fight pay closer attention to what they are actually doing and you too will notice a ton of BJJ techniques throughout the fight.

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