Anderson Silva Vs Chael Sonnen – Ufc117

Anderson Silva is training very difficult and it is concentrated for his battle this particular weekend with Chael Sonnen. According to his manager Ed Soares, Anderson is usually walking around at the lean 194 pounds.

Right now there is no doubt within my mind that Anderson is usually ready for this battle. He could be undoubtedly one associated with the greatest, if not really the best fighter within the world. For the particular last many years, he offers destroyed every jet jet fighter put in his route which includes James Irvin, Dan Henderson, and Wealthy Franklin. their win more than veteran fighter Forrest Griffin appeared to be easy plus left Forrest ashamed, dazed, and bewildered in order to the point which this individual just ran out associated with the band.

My queries concerning Anderson Silva possess nothing related to his ability level or their capability to beat opponents. the concern is will this individual give fight fans the particular kind of performance all of us expect.

Anderson Silva’s most recent win over Demian Maia was nothing in short supply of a good embarrassment for the best fighter championships. He invested a full five models acting like a trick. It was obvious this individual could possess finished Demian anytime this individual wanted in order to. Instead, he strolled close to with his hands from his side, laid straight down in front of Demian, and served more such as a clown than the particular usual fighter. Instead associated with finishing the particular battle, he took this the full five rounds within order to win simply by decision. It had already been so unbelievable it has been the very first time UFC President Dana white-colored ever walked away in the center associated with a main event plus did not present the Champion together with their belt.

Anderson’s performance remaining Dana White apologizing in the post press conference. Dana even speculated at the particular push conference that Anderson may be the first UFC Champ in order to battle in the untelevised first bouts. Dana said he or she previously never been a lot more unhappy in a jet fighter and his functionality.

Therefore what is it that will supporters want to find?

When you have the particular ability of Anderson Silva supporters expect you in order to finish arguements. When Paul Tyson is at their prime, it was corporation as usual to invest $40 — $50 in order to watch one of their own fights and watch your pet ruin his opponent within less than one minute. This particular is exactly what the particular fans anticipate from Anderson. Sure, it really is definitely disappointing to spend fifty dollars to get a PPV fight that will endures less than the minute, but it is definitely less disappointing than looking at a guy act the trick for a complete 5 models.

What perform the fans anticipate through the UFC?

Anderson needs some real competition from 185 pounds. The Demian Maia match was the awful fight. No a single expected Demian to possess a chance at prosperous that fight and Anderson proved with his tricks exactly how bad a fit up it had already been. The UFC has in order to discover someone at 185 lbs that can existing a real problem.

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